Delivery extended little longer than expected.

Let me be honest with this awesome story.

Its not easy to blogging but its quiet interested to doing it.

I suppose to deliver my load in one of South States in the country Friday morning .I was late. Nothing I could done it. I had nice sleep following night.
Sometimes is hard to handle but it was quiet good experience spending weekend on road Well it didnt happand for long time.I took it as nice break time.
My only question was how to handle ongoing heat in truck. Other than that I was thinking about Blogging all day long.
How about You .When You will start Blogging. Maybe You not quite interested doing it . Thats ok . I am one of the worst writer in the world. But I love to speak to people anyway.
Blogging isnt hard I hope is not .

Only if I have more time it will be great.
I talk with my kids about Blogging but They dont take it much seriously like I do. With today technology and Social Media we can connect with lots of friends who do the same and who do same passion about Blogging or in making posts in general.
Love to be honest with You but sometimes I get short with time and I am not quit in full expressing my self in my new passion for Blogging.
Do u use exact platform,or it my not guiet fit your need .I am happy with right now.
Its free to use for beginners.
And provide us with great value.
Way is important you my ask?I look like this .

As soon we start blogging faster we will upgrade. Simple .
We dont need to spend lots of money on beginning.
Everybody is different ,I think it would be some changes in platform to make it better in every directions.
Thats it for today if you like what I am doing with my blogging experiences please leave me a comment or connect with me for better experiences.

This is my new website that I am building it together with my kids .
Feel free to check it out here at new customer in Blogging




my friends until next time.

Journey of my first post





I want to experience the whole process of posting.

Lets go and get started.

My first post dont need  to be a perfect.

However there is some issues that I will be facing along the way but I will try to learn them and improve them quickly .

Does this experiences will be used for later to building owned website.

Yes they will be. But ,lets be real here .We can do only so much we know at moment.

Hurray ,and lets begin my blogging  journey for first time.

Talk soon.